social responsibility

Al-Futtaim Engineering is committed to operating its business in an ethical and responsible manner.

  • Al-Futtaim Engineering is committed to understanding, monitoring and managing its social, environmental and economic impact to enable the business to contribute towards a wider societal goal of sustainable development.
  • Al-Futtaim Engineering aims to demonstrate these responsibilities through its actions and within its corporate policies.
Al-Futtaim Engineering will:
  • Comply with all applicable laws in the countries in which it operates, with the supplemental adoption of international provisions and guidelines in any country in which the legal framework is inadequate.
  • Adopt cutting-edge corporate governance practices, in line with good governance recommendations generally recognised in international markets, based upon corporate transparency and mutual trust in its relationships with shareholders.
  • Respect human rights and in particular the violation of which degrades workers, which entails opposition to child labour and to forced,or compulsory labour.
  • Develop a favourable employment relationships framework based on equality of opportunity, non-discrimination, and respect for diversity, promoting a safe and healthy environment and facilitating communication with the workforce.
  • Develop responsible practices in the value chain, establishing transparent objectives and impartial processes with suppliers and providing end users with all relevant information regarding the products and services offered.
  • Promote a culture of respect for the natural environment, reducing the environmental impact of the company’s activities, and defending biodiversity, through the provision of information and training for employees.
  • Favour transparency and free market rules, rejecting bribery, corrupt practices, or other types of contributions aimed at obtaining corporate advantages, and respecting the rules of free competition.
  • Promote the socially responsible actions of supplier companies through exerting due diligence in the
    processes of selection and contracting.
  • Encourage communication and dialogue with employees, subcontractors and other companies within Al-Futtaim that are related to the company’s activities, in order to match corporate values and social expectations.
  • Disseminate relevant and truthful information regarding the activities carried out and subject such information to internal and external verification procedures that ensure its reliability and encourage the continuous improvement thereof.